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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


mahal kita alam mo yun
kahit di pa napapanahon
binigay ko ang tunay na pag-ibig
ngunit luha ang iyong hatid

iniwan mo ako at ipinagpalit
muntikan pang gawing kabit
ako'y iyong binalewala
ginawa mo pa akong tanga

di ko alam ang dahilan
at di ko na rin inalam
hinayaan kang maging masaya
dahil pinili mo sa piling ng iba

ako'y nangakong mamahalin ka
ikaw lamang at wala ng iba
ngunit ng ang pangako mo'y napako
nagbago na ang mundo ko

nagmahal ng iba at naging masaya
nabuhay ang puso at lumagaya
nakalimutan ang hapdi mula sayo
naghilum ang sugat sa aking puso

ngayon ikaw ay bumabalik
sa paglalambing ko ikaw ay sabik
gusto mong tayo ay magsimula
ibigay sayo ang aking tiwala

kung gusto mong tayo'y magkabalikan
pag-ibig nya'y iyong higitan
gawin mo ang lahat
patunayang ika'y karapatdapat

ngunit alam kong wala ng hihigit
pag-ibig mo'y iyong iligpit
pangarap ko ay sya na
tumabi ka't WALA KANG KWENTA

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

hwag kang mawawala

anong silbi ng pagmamahal kong ito kung wala ka sa buhay ko
anong gamit ng buhay ko kung wala namang nagmamahal sa akin
pagmamahal mo ang bumubuhay sakin
pano na ako kung wala ka sa piling ko
lahat ng ginagawa ko ay para sa pag-ibig mo
lahat ng ito ay dahil minamahal mo ako
kaya't hwag kang mawawala
kakayanin lahat hwag ka lang mawawala.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Here I am
Lookingt for someone
Not knowing where to go
Going in the place I don't know.

Drawing nearer and nearer
In a cloud with a sweet savor
Searching for the light so shine
Hoping it to be mine.

But there is a voice who's calling my name
I felt inside a stubborn flame
And I seem cannot move
In the place I am standing of.

The voice is getting louder and louder
I'm searching around looking for the owner
The voice stopped calling me
A tender love hugs me tightly.

Then I see my Creator
My world, now, has color
"Now my child you are here beside me
Don't be afraid just follow me."

How sweet my God is
How wonderful that moment is
I will follow Him
Be with Him and not in dim.


Everybody wants this. Everybody loves that. Should I want this? Should i love that?

I never imagined myself be slaved of others wants. I will never be me if i will di their desires. My purpose is to improve myself to help others and not to be ignorant of my own skills and talents. Other's wants may hinder my growth and I could no longer play the song composed in my heart. They may say that I will be developed but should I rely on them and be dependent on what foundation I have with them?. Somehow, yes if and only if your desires met mine, but if not, how could it be? You may seem be developed and/or empowered but are you sure that it is you? This circumstance blinds you of what is true. You were boxed and what you only believe are the things you hear, see, smell, taste, and touch inside the box. You cannot reach the outside world world that which is true. You are free, you seem free to do everything you want inside that box but the truth is you're not.

Man is never be an individual if they were alike. Each of us is unique, you could never be unique if you imitate. Ther should be that quality which differs you from others. that unique in you creates a genius you. Don't be afraid to be discriminated by the people around you. Take risks and be free. Trust what is in you, never doubt it and never fear the consequences. Consequences are always present whether it is planned or accident. Of course, you have to think the consequences that may occur and you should know your limitations. "I will stand here for humanity, and though I would make it kind, I would make it true." Believe in whatever abilities you have, in whatever feelings occur in you, it will bring you to your desires, just do it carefully and it will bring you to the true you.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Life is Beautiful

Everybody deserves of what he or she has now. many tells life is unfair, there is no equality in the world, everything they do is just in vain.
actually, the truth is these thoughts, the perception of people made life unfair to them, they were so pesimistic about life. why don't people think of positive things? what people wanted , they want to enjoy life this moment and didn't think about the consequences tomorrow.
As what Guido Orefice did, he is suufering, facing great consequences and risky tasks but faced it as a beautiful thing. He made those happenings beautiful in his son's eyes and made it more meaningful that gave happiness to Guisue.
For guisue not to be sad, Guido did everything to pretend. As for our times now, our parents are those who suffer and sacrifice to make our lives lighter, easier, and beautiful. We have to see life as beautiful because many suffer more and life is still beautiful for them, Let us just do everything we can, be happy so that the task of the one who suffers for us would be lighter. The feelings of the one who sacrificed and suffered would be lighter and we could not be another burden for them.

T'nalak Festival

This celebration showcases the rich culture of every municipalities covering the province of South Cotabato. It shows and emphasizes the people who enriches the nature and their traditions.
Festivals are the form of giving thanks for the life given to them and for the abundant crops. This is also celebrated because of victory as of winning battles, as a ceebration for the success of having partners with the previous opposing tribes. It also shows how the culture began and why does it continues until the present time.
Moreover, important persons and people also attend to this program. Lots of people enjoy. Lots of people celebrate. Indeed, through doing this celebration, tribes and groups of people in the culture enrich more their traditions, beliefs and practices for more and more blessings.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What if I'll see him tonight?

I'm rushing home carrying things.
My bag, books and everything.
My hair's untied, the wind, upon riding tricycle, blew it away.
Now I'm home.
I see a stranger inside the house.
Who is this man talking to my parents?
Talking to my sister?
What could be there topic?
Oh! No! He saw me...
Our eyes met.
He smiled at me and I blushed.
He stood up, made a step.
He's coming nearer and nearer.
My things fell down.
Oh this masculine, tall, handsome, and tidy guy hold my hands.
I heard him saying I love you.
I asked his name and...
I woke up.
Good morning..!!